Apple's biggest apologies

Public apologies from Apple are rare, but not as infrequent as you'd think. The tech giant has been forced to say mea culpa for some pretty major snafus over the past decade.

MobileMe: "We want to apologize"

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If Maps is Apple's biggest software blunder, MobileMe is probably second. The $99-a-year program was supposed to synchronize e-mails across devices. On good days, MobileMe wouldn't sync e-mails. On bad days, MobileMe would lose e-mails.

After furious customers complained to Apple, the company admitted in an e-mail to MobileMe subscribers that the service's launch had been "a lot rockier than we had hoped."

"We want to apologize to our loyal customers and express our appreciation for their patience," the company said.

Apple issued subscribers an automatic month-long extension free of charge.

Behind closed doors, the scene at Apple was far more chaotic. Fortune's Adam Lashinsky reported that Steve Jobs tore into the MobileMe team, publicly replacing the head of the division, and telling them, "You've tarnished Apple's reputation," and "You should hate each other for having let each other down."

Apple eventually shuttered MobileMe, replacing it with iCloud.

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