7 robots too expensive (or lethal) to own

These robots walk into danger zones, shoot machine guns and zap lasers. You probably can't get your hands on them.


robots madss

Northrop Grumman's (NOC) Mobile Armed Dismount Support System is designed to be a soldier's best friend: It can carry their heavy equipment and if it starts raining bullets, soldiers can hide behind a rock and send Madss out to shoot back.

Madss is a 1,400-pound remote controlled beast of a robot. But it's surprisingly efficient: Its hybrid engine (diesel and battery) can run for 20 hours on just over three gallons of fuel. At only 32-inches wide, it can squeeze into narrow alleys.

It's a robot without an owner, though. The U.S. Army is still deciding on whether to use it.

- Last updated December 19 2013 05:14 AM ET

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