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CES highlights & horrors

CNNMoney's gadget mavens picked the best and worst of this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

The "Oh, $&*!" moment

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By far the most cringeworthy moment at CES came toward the end of Sony's press event, during which the company unveiled its impressive new 4K OLED TVs.

Sony reps rolled out their crown jewel, the 56-inch model, onto the stage. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai began talking up the TV, which features what he called the largest OLED screen available. (OLED TVs have no backlight. Their colors pop more vividly, and they're among the industry's thinnest and most energy-efficient televisions.)

Then, disaster struck: The dreaded Blue Screen of Death filled the TV window.

Hirai was still talking and gesturing to the TV when it struck. "Including this beautiful ..." He trailed off as he saw the blue error message.

"Interface screen," Hirai finished lamely, amid gasps and giggles from the audience.

Technical problems can happen in any demo, of course, but CES is a really terrible place for such a snafu -- especially when it involves one of your major new products. -Julianne Pepitone

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