6 stunning undersea hotels

Hoteliers around the world have planned luxury accommodations in the deep. A few modest underwater hotels already exist, but some of the most ambitious attempts may not make it past the blueprint stage.

Maldives - Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands

underwater hotels maldives rangali islands

"Imagine telling your friends that you celebrated your love under the water in the world's only glass underwater chapel located five meters below the waves, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef!" crows the Rangali Islands website. Surely, it's what you've always imagined.

This luxe-to-the-max, six-star hotel is mostly above ground, spread over two separate islands that are connected by a 500-meter bridge. Below the surface, however, lies the fancy Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. Guests can simply dine at the Ithaa, but the Hilton-owned hotel is also happy to convert the restaurant into a wedding ceremony location for an untold -- and surely unbelievable -- cost. One option includes a celebration "in the heart of a stunning coral reef" in which the happy couple dives into the Indian Ocean (diving equipment costs extra, of course).

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