New record for Apple stock

The tech titan hit an all-time high over $100 a share on signs the iPhone 6 will be a huge hit.  More

Bank of America nears record settlement

The nation's second-largest bank is about to pay a record amount to put to bed an investigation into mortgage-backed securities issued during the financial crisis  More

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway settles antitrust lawsuit

Warren Buffett's investment firm will pay nearly $900,000 to settle allegations it did not tell federal regulators before taking a major ownership stake in a company, the government said.  More

Hedge funds love health care, hate media stocks

Hedge funds loaded up on health care stocks and Apple in the second quarter. They ditched big banks.  More

Flat Russian beer market hits Carlsberg

Beer sales in Russia are losing their fizz as the economy grinds to a halt, hurting Western brewers such as Carlsberg.  More

Dov Charney is still at American Apparel. Do the numbers show it?

Two months after Dov Charney was fired as CEO, he's still at the company, collecting his full base salary amid early signs of a turnaround.  More

3 charts that explain the market rebound

U.S. stocks have mounted an impressive comeback in recent days, fueled by easing geopolitical headaches  More

Bieber, T Swift fragrances blamed for Elizabeth Arden loss

Shares of Elizabeth Arden tanked 24% Tuesday after the company said it lost $156 million in the most recent quarter.  More

Stock market bubble warnings grow louder

Some of the brightest minds in finance are sounding the alarm about the risk of a market bubble.  More

U.S. investors flee Europe

After devouring European assets early this year, U.S. investors are now avoiding them like the plague.  More

Steve Ballmer cuts ties with Microsoft but still owns 333 million shares

Steve Ballmer quits Microsoft's board to spend more time running the LA Clippers.  More

3 reasons stocks are still charging ahead

Despite global conflict and concern about overpriced stocks, the market is surging again.  More

Aeropostale hires old CEO to save teen brand

Aeropostale is bringing back Julian Geiger, its CEO from 1998 to 2010. The stock is up nearly 20% since the announcement.  More

Website crash mars $188 billion "demerger"

Investors trying to find details on BHP Billiton's multi-billion dollar "demerger" were scrambling Tuesday as the company's website crashed.  More

Ferguson protests send Taser stock soaring

Shares in Taser International are up 25% as investors bet trouble in Ferguson will spark a boom in the company's wearable cameras.  More

From snow shoveler to billionaire CEO

Leonard Schleifer's path to the top of the biotech world took decades of failure.  More

Battle of the dollar stores

Dollar General, the biggest discount retail chain in the U.S., is outbidding Dollar Tree in the race to buy Family Dollar.  Play

Dollar store war heats up with new bid

Dollar General bids $78.50 per share, or $9.7 billion, for Family Dollar  More

Can the stock market rally keep going?

Stock market optimists have a strong case. But so do the naysayers. Here are the important things to consider when looking at the market right now.  More

Why Taser stock has surged after Ferguson

After the lack of video evidence in the Michael Brown shooting and the subsequent protests, wearable police cameras are all the buzz again. Taser stock is up more than 20%.  Play

'50 Shades of Grey' apartment building red hot

'Fifty Shades of Grey' has made Seattle's Escala apartments famous...and expensive  More

8 job killing companies

Despite the stronger economy, these companies have slashed thousands of jobs this year.  More

Warren Buffett buys more GM stock

Despite the recall crisis, Warren Buffett added to his investment in General Motors in recent weeks.  More

Accounting trouble discovered at Alibaba unit ahead of mega IPO

Potential accounting problems have been discovered at Alibaba's recently-acquired film division, raising new questions ahead of the Chinese tech firm's massive IPO.  More

Coca-Cola's Monster deal

Shares of energy drink maker surge after soda giant Coca-Cola buys a 17% stake in company. But is this the kind of market Coca-Cola wants to meddle in?  Play

Warren Buffett stock tops $200,000 a share

The Class A shares of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway hit the $200,000 milestone Thursday.  More

Teen job market is the best in 6 years

Youth unemployment falls to 13.5% in July, the lowest summer level since the recovery began.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Coca-Cola takes a big gulp of Monster

The soft drink leader announced Thursday it is buying a 17% stake in Monster, the energy drink company, and the two will swap ownership of some brands.  More

Accounting trouble discovered at Alibaba unit ahead of mega IPO

Potential accounting problems have been discovered at Alibaba's recently-acquired film division, raising new questions ahead of the Chinese tech firm's massive IPO.  More

6 stocks Wall Street is betting will tank

Short sellers believe these stocks are likely to tumble soon, although that isn't always the case.  More

E-commerce in Wal-Mart's crosshairs

Retail giant Wal-Mart is falling short on its e-commerce goals but the company has pumped $700 million this year to beef up its tech and mobile sales.  Play

Mexico puts out the welcome mat for Big Oil

Mexico is opening up the its vast oil and gas reserves to private investment, ending a 76-year state monopoly.  More

Eyeball injections equal eye-popping profits

One of the hottest stocks in the S&P 500 is the biotech company Regeneron, which makes the drug Eylea. Yes, it's injected into your eye, and Medicare is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to keep our seniors seeing.  Play

SeaWorld stock gets soaked, plunges 33%

SeaWorld's stock dives Wednesday after the theme park owner reports poor attendance and warns of a revenue drop for 2014.  More

Putin factor snuffs out European growth

European growth evaporated in the second quarter, as Russian meddling in Ukraine helped send the German economy into reverse and France stagnated.  More

The 'Bill Ackman IPO': Hedge fund going public

Hard-charging activist hedge fund manger Bill Ackman wants to take one of his hedge funds public this year.  More

Companies that treat workers well have better stock returns

A new research report concludes that employers that treat their workers well have better stock returns.  More

No Shark Week bite for Discovery stock

Everyone is enthusiastic about Discovery Channel's Shark Week, except Wall Street.  More

Japan GDP collapses amid tax shock

Japan's economy has suffered its worst contraction since 2011, shrinking by 6.8%.  More

Candy Crush(ed): Stock drops 20%

Wall Street is souring on Candy Crush maker King Digital. Its latest revenues and player stats came in worse than anticipated.  More

Ex-MIT dean, son plead guilty to hedge fund scam

Gabriel Bitran and his son Marco told clients that they would invest their money using on a complex trading model devised by Gabriel at MIT, but instead invested with Bernie Madoff.  More

How to break into the white male 'PE' club

Private equity firms are notoriously white and male. Scholars for Educational Opportunity is trying to change that.  More

The 'purse wars' are killing Kate Spade

Kate Spade may be seeing strong demand for its handbags, but investors are concerned about the company is discounting them too much.  More

Banks are lending at a feverish pace

Did you hear the one about banks hoarding cash? It's not true. Banks are lending at the most rapid pace since the financial crisis.  More

Former James Bond now a financial advisor

Matthew Mancuso, a former intelligence officer, is launching a new career as a financial advisor at Wells Fargo.  More

'Share of problems' for Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S was once the darling of Consumer Reports but a recent article states that the car now 'has more than its share of problems.'  Play

The 5 top performing CEOs in America

These top CEOs of S&P 500 companies made shareholders very wealthy over the past three years.  More

How Jack Ma will keep control of Alibaba

Investors taking part in Alibaba's upcoming IPO won't get much of a say in how the firm is run.  More

The risks of trading penny stocks

'The Wolf of Wall Street' brought the murky world of penny stocks back to light. Paula Newton investigates.  Play

Iraq crisis: Why aren't gas prices spiking?

Iraq is on the brink of an all-out war, yet oil prices are still below $100 a barrel. How is this possible?  More

Corporate America's 'report cards' are strong

Earnings and sales have been better than expected in the second quarter. In short, companies are doing very well lately.  More

Is it time for Wall St. to issue a correction?

It's been nearly 3 years since Wall Street's last big sell-off. There's concern the next market downturn could be severe.  More

How BuzzFeed's moving beyond cat videos

Viral site BuzzFeed is valued at $850 million, making it a prime target for a possible takeover. But can the site move beyond content like funny cat videos that has made the site so popular?  Play

The 'Disney economy' is back

Visits to Disney World and Las Vegas are up. It's another sign the U.S. economy is improving  More

Oil companies remove staff from Iraq

While the escalated tensions may be heightening security concerns, the affected region contributes about 15% of the country's oil production. But worries linger.  More

FDA allows limited use of Ebola drug. Stock spikes

Tekmira Pharmaceuticals has developed an Ebola treatment. Investors think it could be a big money maker. The company' stock is up nearly 30%  More

Investing in unsettling times

Are markets gearing up for a major correction? Investor Jim Rogers advises on whether this is a good time to sell stocks...or buy them.  Play

Watch out! Bears resurface on Wall Street

The Dow is down nearly 5% since mid-July. Investors are getting more pessimistic. Is it time to sell...or buy?  More

Thanks Putin! German stocks in correction territory

Germany's main stock market index has dropped 11% from its June peak as investors worry that an escalating trade war with Russia will hurt the economy.  More

Malaysia Air to be pulled from stock market

Malaysia Airlines will be taken off the stock market as part of a restructuring bid.  More

How to stay safe in a scary market

The stock market is a risky bet. But you can have a winning hand in your portfolio with blue chip, dividend-paying stocks.  More

Food fight: Russia bans U.S. chicken

Russia's ban U.S. chicken imports will likely hurt Russian consumers the most.  More

3 reasons golf is in the rough

Golf's popularity is waning and the industry is getting whacked.  More

Don't bet on the death of taxis just yet

Medallion Financial -- which helps finance taxi licenses -- has had its stock drop 20% this year as investors worry about Uber and Lyft.  More

'The Big Bang Theory' actors get $25,000 an hour

Just how sweet of a deal are 'The Big Bang Theory' actors getting? They now make more per hour than big-time corporate lawyers.  More

Blackstone CEO: Regulation making markets safer

Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman says regulations have eliminated risk: 'We probably have a safer world, but a world that will grow slower.'  Play

Russian chill gives Europe the shivers

Fear of a trade war with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine is sending a chill through Europe's fragile economy.  More

6 companies behind the drone revolution

Meet the public companies that stand to gain from growing global demand for drones.  More
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