Starbucks might buy a 10% stake in SodaStream

Speculation about Starbucks taking a stake in SodaStream sent the Israeli company's shares soaring.  More

Delta Airlines: Stock cruises to record high

The severe winter weather didn't give Delta Airlines too much turbulence. The stock flew to a record high Wednesday.  More

KFC 'doubles down' on China

Fast food giant Yum! Brands reported strong sales from China. Will the return of KFC's Double Down and the new Waffle Taco breakfast sandwich at Taco Bell boost sales in the U.S. too?  Play

Icahn looking to launch an army of mini-Icahns

Legendary Wall Streeter says he could spend as much as $1 billion seeding new activist investors.  More

Ardian raises $10 billion for private equity secondaries

Ardian just raised the largest private equity secondary fund in history. Was it really such a good idea?  More

5 reasons to care about Ackman's Botox bet

Bill Ackman's tag-team effort to acquire the company behind Botox is raising eyebrows in financial circles.  More

U.K. chip designer on record-setting run

ARM Holdings CEO Simon Segars explains how his technology company will continue to grow even as a key market -- smartphones -- matures and stabilizes.  Play

China factories extend slump

China's factories continued to struggle in April, according to an early gauge of activity in the country's all-important manufacturing sector.  More

Meet four kings of Alibaba's online retail empire

Alibaba's shopping sites account for 80% of online retail in China. Meet four successful merchants.  More

Americans aren't eating as much McDonald's

The fast food chain reports earnings that fell short of expectations as U.S. sales fell in the first quarter.  More

Harley-Davidson stock is as hot as the bikes

Harley-Davidson stock is up 7% today after a strong sales and profit report  More

Move over Facebook, Alibaba's mega IPO is coming

Chinese tech company Alibaba is readying for an IPO that could be the biggest ever for a tech firm, trouncing even Facebook.  More

Manchester United: Losing games, money

Manchester United have sacked their coach after a disastrous season, which means they'll miss out on Europe's lucrative Champions League next season.  More

Why the Feds should block Comcast's merger with Time Warner Cable

A merger may not raise prices in the short term but could hamper future competition.  More

Behind Bill Ackman's deal for Botox maker Allergan

In fact, the deal has two activist investor backers, not one.  More

Botox-maker gets a lift

Activist investor Bill Ackman teams up with Valeant to make a bid for Botox-maker Allergan.  Play

Netflix to increase subscription prices

CEO Reed Hastings told investors the price increase would apply only to new customers.  More

Valeant bids for Botox-maker Allergen

Valeant Pharmaceuticals has teamed up with Bill Ackman to make a multi-billion dollar offer for Botox-maker Allergan.  More

Why Alibaba's IPO matters

Alibaba's IPO is expected to bring a huge windfall for both the company and Yahoo, which has a stake in the company.  Play

Keystone XL delay pounds TransCanada stock

The latest delay of the Keystone XL pipeline caused a 3% drop in TransCanada stock, the main project developer  More

Halliburton bullish on American energy

Halliburton is benefiting from the North American energy boom, and is predicting big earnings growth for the second quarter.  Play

Americans still don't trust the stock market

The stock market has been on a tear for the past few years but the average American remains reluctant to participate, according to a new survey.  More

4 reasons to be bullish about Netflix

A new survey of web users' entertainment habits finds Netflix has surpassed YouTube as the top online video site, but analysts are eager to see how much its original content is helping to bring in more subscribers.  More

It's report card time on Wall Street

Welcome to a very important week for corporate earnings including Netflix and Facebook.  More

The Pope's challenge to the free market

Pope Francis has spoken often about income inequality and the economy, but what isn't clear is whether he is a capitalist, socialist or something in between.  More

Wall Street's spring break reading list

So what is Wall Street reading in its down time? Likely something from the annual list prepared for traders and bankers by David Lutz.  More

Wealthy investors flock to fine art funds

Wealthy investors are piling into art investment funds, sending the value of international art sales soaring.  More

Americans have fallen in love with real estate once again

According to Gallup, Americans think real estate is the best long-term investment. Unfortunately, they're wrong.  More

Chipotle: Prices going up

Chipotle's burrito boom continues, but prices are going up  More

Big banks lend to corporations over consumers

Lending was up in the first quarter, but that jump has hidden the fact that individuals are still having a tough time getting loans.  More

The Divergent trend: Bad for stocks

The bull market is almost done, according to one calculation that's correctly predicted past downturns  More

Weibo shares pop 19% in IPO

The Chinese social media company sees solid demand in its initial public offering, offering some hope for other Chinese technology companies hoping to list in the United States.  More

Barbie. So not hot right now

Toy maker Mattel's earnings disappoint investors as a drop in Barbie sales cuts into revenue.  Play

Goldman Sachs investment banking roars back

Goldman Sachs reports strong earnings results Thursday thanks to lower expenses and investment banking fees.  More

Morgan Stanley's unlikely rebound continues

CEO James Gorman proves that there are, in fact, second acts on Wall Street.  More

China's spending crackdown hits drinks giants

China's crackdown on extravagant spending by officials is creating a headache for some of the world's biggest drinks companies.  More

Google's ad prices are down. So what?

Despite alarmist coverage following its earnings miss, this tech giant is doing just fine.  More

The real economy beats the banks

Ghost of Occupy Wall Street, rejoice: As more people land jobs, bank earnings falter.  More

NY Attorney General subpoenas High-Frequency Trading firms

NY Attorney General subpoenas six High-Frequency Trading firms  More

Weibo IPO leads Chinese stock invasion

China's answer to Twitter will begin trading Thursday in the U.S., but investors should be cautious  More

Investors cheer India's election

Investors are betting that an election will cure some of the country's economic ills.  More

Yellen: U.S. banks stronger than Europe's

Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen discusses the reasons why the banking industry in the U.S. is healthy and the challenges Europe still needs to overcome.  Play

Janet Yellen to Wall Street: don't panic

Wall Street was a lot more pleased with Fed Chief Janet Yellen's latest remarks on interest rates  More

China has far bigger challenges than a slowing economy

Growth concerns aside, Beijing must grapple with an unwieldy shadow banking sector.  More

Sorry Milwaukee Bucks fans: Private equity owners aren't much help

The Milwaukee Bucks are getting new owners, but history isn't on their side.  More

Intel bucks tech stock slide

Intel is up nearly 3% so far this year, unlike its brethren on the Nasdaq. Looks like the chip maker's focus on tablets and cloud computing is starting to pay off.  Play

Legal costs hit Bank of America's bottom line

Bank of America still feeling fallout of mortgage crisis. It shares down 3% after quarterly loss.  More

Yahoo surges following first-quarter results

Yahoo is still in the midst of its turnaround, but investors liked what they saw in the company's first-quarter results.  More

Yahoo surges following first-quarter results

Yahoo is still in the midst of its turnaround, but investors liked what they saw in the company's first-quarter results.  More

Investors hit the brakes on Tesla

After a phenomenal year, Tesla stock is down 17% in the last month.  More

China slowdown not as steep as feared

China's economy slowed in the first quarter, adding to uncertainty over whether growth this year will meet the government's official target.  More

Real estate investors' haven: Detroit

Beleaguered city has good deals, high occupancy rates and relatively high rents.  More

Fears grow over China property flameout

Observers are warning that risks of a blow up in China's property market are rising, threatening a slowdown that could hurt global growth.  More

Munis on the rise

After a big selloff last summer, local and state bonds are on the rebound. Get over the fiscal horror stories (like Detroit) and focus on the public sector recovery -- and the increasingly important tax break.  More

J&J healthy amid selloff

Johnson & Johnson showed strong growth, especially in pharmaceuticals, while its less-mature biotechnology cousins take a beating.  Play

Housing, food costs on the rise

Inflation is slightly higher in March as food and shelter costs accelerated  More

Ukraine hikes rates in bid to defend economy

Ukraine's central bank has hiked its benchmark lending rate for the first time in eight months amid an escalating confrontation with pro-Russian activists.  More

Forbes fumbles Obama record on merger politicization

One blocked merger does not make a pattern, even if you pretend it does.  More

Beef prices hit record high

Beef prices are at a record high, and the cost of other staples, such as milk, butter, eggs, fruit and vegetables are climbing thanks to a severe drought in California.  More

3 reasons the economy has some spring in its step

After a winter of confusing economic data, some important indicators show an economy coming out of hibernation.  More

Twitter insiders aren't cashing out yet

Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams say they have no plans to sell their stock when the lock-up period ends in May.  More

Invest in next Facebook...for a few bucks

Soon any mom or pop can invest in startups alongside venture capitalists. The SEC is expected to approve equity crowdfunding sites by the end of the year.  More

Soaring prices make it hard to be a foodie

Prices for common foods like coffee, dairy and beef have increased greatly over last year, with some analysts pointing the finger at California's severe drought.  Play

Things are looking up for Citigroup

In a quarter when Citigroup was in the news for all the wrong reasons, the bank's profits beat Wall Street forecasts.  More

Russian ruble rattled by renewed Ukraine unrest

International markets were roiled Monday and the Russian currency hit a three-week low as traders and investors worry about renewed tensions between Russia and Ukraine.  More

Investors dip a toe into emerging markets

Investors rushed out of emerging markets earlier this year, but money has started to flow back despite China, Ukraine and other concerns  More

2013 record year for dividends

Shareholders have enjoyed soaring dividend pay-out increases since the recession and it doesn't look like its stopping anytime soon. This first quarter alone was the biggest increase ever.  Play

Can good earnings save the market?

Before the Easter bunny, investors await key corporate earnings. Good news could turn markets around.  More

ETrade's new ad: Worse than the baby

The ETrade baby may have (finally!) retired, but the new Type E commercial with singing and dancing adults actually makes us long for the talking tyke.  More

Investors dip a toe back in emerging markets

Investors rushed out of emerging markets earlier this year, but money has started to flow back despite China, Ukraine and other concerns  More

Stocks: Let's put the volatility in context

2014 is already stacking up to be twice as volatile as last year. We put it in historical context.  More

Meet the Web's favorite finance professor

Gautam Kaul hasn't won a Nobel Prize. But the Michigan finance professor is a bigger online phenomenon than Robert Shiller.  More

Herbalife shares plunge on news of FBI probe

Herbalife shares fell hard Friday afternoon following Financial Times report that FBI and Department of Justice had launched criminal probe.  More

Eight pricey stocks haunting the Nasdaq

Problem underscores a glaring weakness in cap-weighted indexes  More

Are new rules making banks safer?

Years after the financial crisis, regulators announced that the big banks will have to hold more capital to protect against losses. Will it make the financial system safer?  Play

JPMorgan loses money every time it makes a mortgage

That's bad news for the housing market and the economy in general.  More

Putin warns Europe about gas supplies

Russian President says the Ukraine standoff could hurt Europe in the coming months.  More

Greece's economy is still a huge mess

Enthusiasm surrounding Thursday's Greek debt offering illustrates just how desperate investors have become in their futile search for yield.  More

JPMorgan profits sink, but Dimon confident

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon sounded bullish about the economy. Too bad the bank's earnings tell a different story. The stock sank as results disappointed Wall Street.  More

H&R Block up ... but not due to taxes

H&R Block loves April 15. But shares are rallying Friday because it is selling its bank to BOFI, an online financial firm. BOFI shares were up too. And don't forget to do your taxes!  Play

Tech stock rout continues in Asia

Asian tech and telecom stocks plunged Friday as investors sold off their holdings, alarmed by yet another slide in U.S. technology stocks yesterday.  More

Citi may be in more legal hot water

The bank may have disclosed a new earnings target to some, but not all, of its investors.  More

7 reasons not to ditch tech stocks

The market may seem like a casino. But Apple, Microsoft and 5 other techs (including AOL!) look like good bets even as the Nasdaq plunges.  More

The Masters: Tiger Woods out, Callaway Golf up

Callaway Golf's stock is on the upswing. With Tiger Woods not playing at this year's Masters tournament, it creates more opportunity for Callaway Golf to raise its profile.  More

SAC Capital $1.8 billion penalty approved

Hedge fund operator's settlement of insider trading charges is approved by a federal judge in New York.  More

Ally Financial: From bailout shame to lame IPO

Ally Financial falls after IPO. The U.S. Treasury is trimming its stake after bailing the company out  More

Young investors are hoarding cash

People in their early to mid-thirties with at least $100,000 to invest are keeping 42% of their money in cash.  More

Biggest week for IPOs in 8 years

It's the biggest week for IPOs since 2006. Is this a sign of health or a bubble?  More

'Great day for the American taxpayer'

Ally Financial CEO Mike Carpenter describes how his company's IPO brings TARP money back to the American taxpayer.  Play

Bed Bath & Below? Retailer's stock sinks

Home retailer Bed Bath & Beyond had a stellar run in 2013, rising almost 45%. But its tumbling share price so far this year reminds investors that momentum stocks can't go up forever.  Play

Big bank earnings likely in doghouse

Shares of the big banks soared late last year as investors cheered a recovering economy. But the excitement seems to have faded as JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo get set to report earnings.  More

Blocking Comcast-TWC will not fix America's Internet monopoly

While the Senate discusses the rising cost of cable TV, the real debate should be over how to provide fast, reliable, and affordable access to the Internet  More

Icahn settles with eBay over PayPal

Carl Icahn has dropped a shareholder proposal to split off part of PayPal.  More

Greek bonds fly off the shelves

Greece has issued new bonds to international investors for the first time since its economy collapsed four years ago, threatening to bring the euro down with it.  More

Ebay CEO talks about truce with Icahn

Ebay CEO John Donahoe says he talks with Carl Icahn 'on a periodic basis' and that they have agreed to keep PayPal part of Ebay in exchange for adding an independent board director.  Play

Jamie Dimon says Fed stimulus exit will be easy

The JPMorgan CEO says QE worked.  More

Jobless claims at lowest since 2007, but...

New claims for unemployment benefits suddenly plummeted last week. As much as we all want a miracle, this is probably just a statistical anomaly  More

Trade China stocks from Hong Kong

China has taken another step to open up its financial markets to the world by allowing investors in Hong Kong to trade shares on the Shanghai stock exchange.  More

Fed minutes: Triumph of the doves

Minutes of the Fed's March meeting show broad support for shifting the unemployment target  More

Robot surgeon stock in ICU

Intuitive Surgical, maker of the da Vinci robot surgeon, warned that sales would be weak and the stock tanked. But the company recently hit a 52-week high after the FDA approved its latest product.  Play

Cheers: Americans love Corona

Constellation Brands bought Mexican beer Corona. So far, it's paying off  More

Warren Buffett endorses Airbnb

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has reached out to Airbnb to give shareholders cheaper lodging alternatives for next month's annual meeting in Omaha.  More

Fear is driving the market again

CNNMoney's Fear and Greed index shows fear to be the driving factor in market sentiment, thanks to worries about the Fed, slowing earnings growth and concerns that stocks got too hot in 2013.  Play

When Wall Street becomes a landlord

First the pros snap up cheap houses. Then come new ways for you to invest in them. Be careful.  More

Make 30% in Africa's largest economy

Nigeria is now Africa's largest economy thanks to a long overdue 'rebasing' of GDP. Founder of Zenith Bank Group Jim Ovia discusses the risks and rewards of investing in the country.  Play

Regulators: Big banks must raise $68 billion to be considered safe

The Federal Reserve specifically cited "too big to fail" as a reason for the stricter rules.  More

Ally Financial says 'Thank you, taxpayers'

5 reasons to avoid buying Ally Financial when the U.S. Treasury sells part of its stake this week in an IPO  More
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