Greek debt crisis: Who has most to lose?

Greece and its international lenders have embarked on a battle over the country's staggering debt. Other European countries have most to lose.  More

Apple has mind-boggling $178 billion in cash to spend

Tim Cook has a lot of money to burn. He could use Apple's cash to buy Disney. Or Amazon and Netflix combined.  More

Greek banks plunge as new government challenges bailout

Greece's banks were slammed Wednesday as the country's new anti-austerity government abandoned commitments made to its international lenders.  More

Big debate: How strong is U.S. economy?

Rove fights back on the notion that Republicans dislike the poor. He and Democrat James Carville debate the strength of the U.S. economy.  More

Apple just posted the best quarter in corporate history

Apple's record iPhone sales helped the company record the biggest corporate profit in U.S. history.  More

Shake Shack IPO heats up

The upscale burger chain now expects to sell shares at a price between $17 and $19 each, up from $14 and $16 previously.  More

Qatar buys London's banking district

Qatar has added to its bulging portfolio of prime London real estate by clinching a deal to buy Canary Wharf, home to several skyscrapers housing the city's biggest banks.  More

China issues scathing report on Alibaba

The Chinese government has released a report accusing Alibaba for failing to battle counterfeits on its shopping sites.  More

Diamonds are getting cheaper. Time to buy?

Prices for rough diamonds are losing their sparkle as a liquidity squeeze starves the industry of much-needed capital. At the same time the souring global economy is putting pressure on spending in the luxury sector.  More

Warning sign: Stocks take nosedive

Big companies are giving big red flags about their profit and sales outlooks for 2015.  More

Yahoo soars on Alibaba spinoff

Shares are up 6% after Yahoo says it will spin off its remaining 15% stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.  More

Lousy Caterpillar earnings drag market down

Oil's fall is hitting housing and industrial companies like Caterpillar hard, a concerning sign for America's recovery.  More

Winklevoss twins: Bitcoin will explode beyond $1 trillion

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss aren't worried about Bitcoin's recent struggles. They believe the cryptocurrency is the Visa and Mastercard of the future.  More

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Bond king: Oil won't go back to $90 this year

Jeffrey Gundlach thinks energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens is wrong about oil rebounding in the coming months.  More

Natural gas prices bounce as blizzard blows

Prices for natural gas are bouncing this morning in New York as a blizzard blasts through the northeastern United States.  More

Europe is on sale for American travelers

Many parts of Europe are on sale now that the euro is at an 11-year low against the U.S. dollar.  More

Can Apple live up to the iHype?

Apple's earnings are expected to be so good that they are distorting the estimated growth rate for the entire S&P 500.  More

Home prices grow at slower pace

The Case-Shiller index of home prices in major U.S. cities shows a continued slowdown, raising concerns about the housing market for 2015.  More

Stock set to open significantly lower

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

S&P cuts Russia's credit rating to junk

The credit ratings agency says Russian bonds are speculative, or junk, as the nation's economy slips towards recession.  More

This Chinese brand is worth more than Alibaba

Sorry, Alibaba. Internet portal Tencent is the most valuable brand in China.  More

Microsoft sales soar for all its non-Windows products

Sales of nearly every non-Windows product were up, helping Microsoft's revenue grow 8%.  More

What blizzard? Stock market stays open

The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq both plan on staying open Monday and Tuesday, despite the massive snowstorm set to slam into the Northeast.  More

4 stocks popping thanks to Snowmageddon

Shares of a generator company, snow plow manufacturer and a salt maker are enjoying the Blizzard of 2015.  More

This money manager is not a fan of Carl Icahn

Ebay and Gannett are two companies that Carl Icahn has targeted. Is it really good for long-term investors?  More

Best dividend stocks to buy now

Philip Morris used to be a 'go to' dividend stock. Not anymore. Here are three better buys.  More

Syriza won, so what's next for Greece?

Syriza's victory in Greek elections has sent a charge of worry through Europe, and puts Greece's economic future in doubt. So what happens next?  More

Barbie-maker Mattel CEO out as sales falter

The struggling toy maker says CEO Bryan Stockton will be replaced by long-time board member Christopher Sinclair.  More

Europe plays it tough with new Greek leaders

Europe's top officials are playing it tough with the new leaders of Greece, saying the country must follow the rules agreed by all countries using the euro.  More

Greek elections: Faces of austerity

Severe spending cuts designed to repair the Greek economy have dealt a heavy blow to its citizens.  More

U.S.-based Bitcoin exchange set to open

Coinbase, which has served as a platform for merchants and Bitcoin users to transact business, set to open first U.S.-based exchange Monday.  More

Greece's new anti-austerity government worries markets

Greek stocks and bonds fall, and the euro dips, after anti-austerity party Syriza sweeps to victory, setting the stage for a clash with its international lenders.  More

Look out: Big week ahead for stock market

Investors get to check Corporate America's pulse as over 140 S&P 500 companies report earnings this week.  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Is your target-date fund ripping you off?

Target-date funds have become a wildly popular option among those seeking a hands-off approach to retirement investing. But not all of these funds are created equally.  More

Indiana church sues JPMorgan for millions

While the cathedral's money declined, America's biggest bank got rich, the lawsuit claims.  More

2015: The global economy's 'sink or swim' moment

Let's be blunt: The central banks have done all they can, and now it's 'sink or swim' time for the global economy.  More

Oil crash may kill the Texas housing boom

The oil price meltdown is costing thousands of jobs. That means people won't be looking for new homes.  More

McDead? More lousy results from McDonald's

McDonald's sorely needs a turnaround. Look for a simpler and healthier menu soon.  More

Box jumps 66% in first big IPO of 2015

Investor demand for online storage company Box is in the clouds. Stock soars as trading begins.  More

Starbucks is morphing into a tech company

Kevin Johnson used to be the CEO of tech firm Juniper Networks. He was just named COO of Starbucks.  More

Can 'lumbersexuals' save Land's End?

Dressing in flannel shirts and boots is the trend right now. LL Bean is hot, but Lands' End is struggling.  More

UPS delivers bad news. Stock tumbles 10%

The package delivery giant warns that its fourth-quarter results will be weaker than expected, citing costs tied to preparations for the holiday rush.  More

Madoff defends sons in email to NBC

Imprisoned Ponzi mastermind bashes media and court-appointed trustee.  More

Finally, Jamie Dimon gets his cash bonus

JPMorgan pays its CEO $7.4 million cash bonus, totaling $20 million in 2014 pay.  More

Soros: European stimulus will benefit the rich

Billionaire investor George Soros says the European Central Bank's decision to start printing money might backfire.  More

16 firms worth billions despite losing money

Shazam is now valued at $1 billion despite the fact it doesn't generate a profit. It's hardly alone.  More

What now for oil after Saudi king's death?

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al Saud has died.  More

Russian elites warn West: Sanctions will never move Putin

Elite Russian political and business leaders are warning the U.S. and Europe not to push their luck too far as the sides clash over sanctions.  More

Sony: Hack so bad, our computers still don't work

Sony has been forced to delay its quarterly earnings report as the company struggles to repair computer systems that were damaged in a cyberattack ahead of its release of "The Interview."  More

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Dow surges over 260 after ECB stimulus

Wall Street is saying 'Bellissimo!' to the big QE announcement by the European Central Bank. You should too.  More

Phone wars: Li Ka-shing's Hutchison to buy O2 for $15 billion

Li Ka-shing's Hutchison Whampoa is in talks to pay up to £10.25 billion ($15.4 billion) for U.K. mobile operator O2  More

Gold is sexy again. Price jumps above $1,300

Gold is soaring after the Swiss franc shocker and the European Central Bank stimulus plan.  More

Wells Fargo, JPMorgan loan officers took cash kickbacks

Federal and state regulators say loan officers at Wells Fargo and JPMorgan steered business to a Maryland title company in exchange for cash payments.  More

Southwest Airlines is saving billions on fuel

America's favorite low-cost carrier expects to save half a billion in the first quarter alone on fuel. The stock is up 7%.  More

Bill & Melinda Gates' next target: banking

The billionaire power couple believe banking -- specifically the mobile variety -- can help lift millions out of poverty.  More

$7.54 for a Big Mac? Only in Switzerland

Switzerland has the most overvalued currency in the world, according to the Economist's Big Mac index. Ukraine and Russia have the most undervalued currencies.  More

ECB unveils big new stimulus program

The European Central Bank said it would pump 60 billion euros into the region's economy each month until the end of September 2016.  More

GalaxyBerry? Samsung-BlackBerry rumor is back

BlackBerry has said it isn't talking to Samsung. But the market refuses to believe it. Shares surged again on more takeover rumors. But why would Samsung want BlackBerry?  More

Greece elections: Have 5 years of austerity paid off?

It's decision time in Greece. National elections on Sunday are widely seen as a vote on years of punishing austerity, and whether its citizens can handle much more.  More

Time to get your Starbucks (stock) again?

Starbucks will announce its first earnings and detail plans on the upcoming departure of its COO Troy Alstead  More

Oil's influence on stocks is 'not normal'

Oil has had a dramatic influence on the stock market in recent weeks. There's hope that may be done.  More

Chinese Premier: We'll slow down but we won't crash

One of China's top government officials, Premier Li Keqiang, is reassuring markets that his country will avoid a much-feared "hard landing" as economic growth slows.  More

Why is Fidelity investing in SpaceX?

SpaceX raised $1 billion from Google and Fidelity. The investment makes strategic sense for Google. But if Elon Musk doesn't want SpaceX to go public, how will Fidelity cash out on its investment?  More

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Thanks, Obamacare! Health insurer stocks soar

UnitedHealth just reported strong earnings and its stock is at a record high. Insurers have soared since the Affordable Care Act went into effect.  More

U.S. shale industry may shrink by 30% -- Ross Perot Jr.

The U.S. shale industry boom is turning to bust and as much as 30% could be shut down due to the collapse in oil prices, warns Texan billionaire Ross Perot Jr.  More

QE alone can't solve Europe's problems

Europe is finally going to get its own massive monetary stimulus but that alone won't save the region's economy.  More

Currency trading isn't for amateurs

The fallout of the Swiss currency shock highlights how risky the foreign-exchange market can be for retail investors.  More

Deflation 'Death Star' firing lasers at economy

Deflation is the new Darth Vader, shooting lasers at the global economy, according to one hedge fund manager.  More

Obama shows 6 companies the love in State of the Union

In a speech heavy on economics, these businesses got the presidential thumbs up.  More

SpaceX gets $1 billion from Google and Fidelity

Elon Musk's company announced this latest round of funding Tuesday. Google and Fidelity will own nearly 10% of the company.  More

New year, same old problems for Europe

Davos this year is supposed to be discussing "The New Global Context." Europe, sadly, is still stuck in the past.  More

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Oil company Baker Hughes cuts 7,000 jobs

Baker Hughes said it is slashing 7,000 jobs, providing a fresh reminder that cheap energy is hurting some Americans.  More

How much Obama would raise the capital gains rate

The president is calling for a 28% rate on capital gains and dividends on high-income households. That includes a 3.8% Medicare surtax on wealthier households.  More

You're likely overpaying for financial advice

People oven forget about fees when investing. One percent doesn't sound like much until you calculate it in dollars.  More

Boom! Smith & Wesson stock jumps 20%

Smith & Wesson predicts much stronger 2015 sales and profits as gun buying comes back in vogue.  More

Delta Air Lines is saving $2 billion on fuel

Delta reported better-than-expected results, and the company's CEO is promises huge savings on gas.  More

Obama bank tax: Smart policy or bank bashing?

The White House wants to generate tax revenue by hitting big banks with a big fee. But would the new fee really make the system safer?  More

Shake Shack plans to raise up to $80 million in IPO

The upscale burger chain filed regulatory documents Tuesday saying it will sell 5 million shares at a price of between $14 and $16 each.  More

Cash for passports: How much it costs to buy a visa

Geopolitical instability is sparking a rush for passports by wealthy foreigners in search for safe places to shelter their families and their money.  More

Why Paul Krugman is scared of China

For economist Paul Krugman, the challenges facing China's economy are enough to keep him up at night.  More

China stocks plummet after margin trade crackdown

The Shanghai Composite dropped more than 6% Monday after three Chinese brokerages were caught breaking margin trading rules.  More

RadioShack's big Super Bowl ad bet goes bust

RadioShack had arguably the best Super Bowl ad last year. But did it work? No. Sales continued to plunge and now the company is reportedly near bankruptcy.  More

Skittles and Carnival are Super Bowl ad rookies

There are a lot of first-time advertisers for this Super Bowl. You've heard of Skittles and Carnival. But who the heck are Loctite, and Mophie?  More

Your next bank teller could be a robot

For one Japanese bank intent on embracing the future, the time has come for the robot bank teller.  More

Stocks: 6 things to know before the open

Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.  More

Rough seas: Stock volatility here to stay

Get used to the turbulence in stocks. The crazy market swings to start the year may just be a sneak preview for the months ahead.  More

Plunging oil prices won't solve China's economic problems

Falling global oil prices may be wreaking havoc on oil-producing countries, but for major oil importers like China, it's providing a bit of a boost.  More

Swiss shock crushes US currency broker

Turmoil in the currency market has wiped out the equity of leading foreign-exchange broker FXCM.  More

Falling oil's next victim: banks

Cheap credit helped fuel the shale boom. Now some banks are likely to be hurt by the plunge in oil prices.  More

7 biggest losers from Swiss currency blowout

Swiss watchmakers, chocolate lovers and even the tennis star Roger Federer are expected to take a big hit now that Switzerland's currency has skyrocketed.  More

Fried calamari? Investors dump Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs, the so-called Vampire Squid of Wall Street, reported results that topped forecasts. But the stock still fell as investors have soured on big Wall Street banks.  More

Wet Seal sinks into Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Unable to keep up with the world of 'fast fashion,' Wet Seal plans to reorganize itself in Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  More

Swiss companies and currency brokers bleed

Swiss stocks plunged again and currency brokers licked their wounds Friday as markets reeled from the country's shock move to stop pegging the franc.  More

Opinion: EU must end austerity and restructure debt

Europe must embrace an alternative economic strategy or face many more lost years, argues Podemos, a new Spanish opposition party that is leading opinion polls before elections later this year.  More

Warning: Bond rates are going negative

Some investors are so scared they are basically willing to lose money on some European and Japanese bonds.  More

Woe Canada! Many U.S. retailers fail up north

Target's failed Canadian experiment is the latest example of a big American retailer having major difficulties expanding in Canada.  More

Bitcoin fell below $200. Will it ever rebound?

It's hard to imagine Bitcoin having a tougher year than 2014. But prices are still plunging. One investing pro thinks Bitcoin is headed to the 'trash heap.' But it may be wrong to write Bitcoin's obituary.  More

Hugo Barra: New Xiaomi phone shows we're not copycats

Hugo Barra has an answer for critics who dismiss Xiaomi as an Apple copycat: the Mi Note.  More

Holiday hangover: Best Buy dives 15%

Watch out. Best Buy warned investors its sales and profits are likely to hit a speed bump in the coming months.  More

Sleepy Switzerland jolts currency markets

Switzerland has removed an exchange rate cap introduced during the eurozone crisis. The move sent shock waves through global markets.  More

Notre Dame pays record low interest rate

Notre Dame plans to spend the money upgrading its football stadium.  More
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