Friday Links

100413 - friday links


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

3-Sweep | Extracting 3D objects from 2D images
Oriol Ferrer Mesià | Experiments and games
Google Webdesigner | Google's web building platform
Vintage Fortune | Classic images from Fortune magazine

Quarterback streaks | Eli Manning vs football's longest playing quarterbacks
Golden Age Graphics | Classic infographics

DHI Phantom | GoPro drone copter
Elon Musk Iron Man | Elon Musk shows futuristic gesture interface design
Sight | Futuristic short film
George Steinmetz | Aerial photography

CSS3D Clouds | Build realistic html/css clouds
Future Unfolding | An interactive world by Spaces of Play
Rainy Day | JS for simulating raindrops
Tridiv | Web-based editor for creating 3D shapes in CSS.

Have a nice weekend!

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