Friday Links

101713 - friday links


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

It's paper | Digital paper animation by Pingo van der Brinkloev
Frozen bubble lake | Canada's Lake Abraham
bitsweep | Fun project made with Cinema 4D

Design/Data viz
Seene | iPhone app to create and share 3d photos
Pizza place geography | Visualization of pizza chains nationwide
Visualizing 3 billion tweets | Geotagged tweets since Sept. 2011
Raw | From spreadsheets to vector graphics
GED Viz | Visualizing complex economic relations

Piano projections | Keyboard projection system to learn the piano
Symphonies | Visual comparison of six iconic symphonies
Verdi and Wagner | A timeline of symphonies

Phonebloks | Component based phone concept
Triggertrap Redsnap | Affordable high-speed photography

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