Friday Links

102513 - friday links


A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

Design/Data viz
How music travels | The evolution of western dance music
Wind map | Classic look at wind patterns across the country
ProCATinator | Procrastinate with cat music videos
Modern Japanese graphic design | 1964 Tokyo Olympics Posters by Yusaku Kamekura
Snap.svg | The JavaScript SVG library for the modern web

Visualizing big data in milliseconds | MiT improves the ability to display large data sets
DDoS attacks explained | Google explains distributed denial of service attacks
Stainless | Moving images from Adam Magyar
$500 glass house | Two artists build a glass house
Hand lettering demo | Glen Weisgerber demonstrates the round-hand lettering technique.
SansSouci Issue N.1 | A new art book including works of more than 40 contemporary artists.

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