Friday Links

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A weekly collection of design, data and interactive links.

Design/Data viz
Dieter Rams | Dieter Rams' influence on UI Design
Codebases | Comparing millions of lines of code
The Difference Between UX and UI | UX and UI explained with cereal
Snazzy Maps | A repository of different styles for Google Maps
How the world's populations are changing | Map showing population change
Early computer graphics | HP 9845C demo images

NYC subway construction | Underground photos of the NYC subway/LIRR construction project
Eclipse from space | Photographs of the eclipse from space
Super Tropic Tramp | Animation by Koji Aramaki and Hiroki Kato

Calculating volume of a mesh | Helpful for 3D printing
GPS tracks in 3D | Showing GPS tracks in 3D with three.js and d3.js
Page Layers | Convert webpages into PSD layers

Thomas Danthony | London based illustrator
Buildings of New York | Posters painted by hand

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