Netflix CEO Hastings gets 50% pay hike for 2014

reed hastings
Netflix CEO Reed Hasting is due to get $3 million in salary and $3 million in stock options in 2014.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will see his scheduled base salary and stock options jump by 50% in 2014, according to a government filing by the company.

Hastings is set to receive an annual salary of $3 million and an additional stock option allowance of $3 million.

A year ago, he was awarded $2 million in salary and $2 million in options for 2013. But his final 2013 pay is expected to be significantly higher, because Netflix stock has soared this year.

Netflix (NFLX) shares are up nearly 300% this year, making it the best performing stock in the S&P 500.

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Other top executives at Netflix also received raises, although their increases were less than Hastings' 50% pay hike.

In a separate filing the company also announced it was dropping its poison pill plan that it instituted in November 2012 after activist investor Carl Icahn bought a 10% stake in the company.

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The plan would have allowed the board to flood the market with new shares and make a takeover prohibitively expensive if any shareholder had bought more than 10% of shares without the approval of the company's board.

Blockbuster: Killed by Netflix
Blockbuster: Killed by Netflix

Icahn has since sold more than half his stake in Netflix at a significant profit, eliminating the need for the takeover defense.

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