AOL hangs up on Moviefone's iconic voice

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AOL is getting rid of Moviefone's iconic voice - which belongs to Moviefone founder Russ Leatherman.

Hello and welcome to Moviefone ... but not for much longer.

Moviefone's iconic voice has been telling callers when and where they can see their favorite movies since the 90's, via the famed phone number 777-FILM. It was such an integral part of American pop culture that it was spoofed on the sitcom "Seinfeld."

But AOL (AOL), which owns Moviefone, plans to disconnect the phone-based movie information service and move it completely online.

As of Monday, the number was still up and running, offering the latest showtimes as well as prompts to buy advance tickets. But the Moviefone voice, which actually belongs to founder Russ Leatherman, is now also informing callers that its days as a phone service are numbered.

"The 777-FILM number will no longer be in service in the near future," said Moviefone. "But we're still here to help."

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Leatherman's voice invites customers to visit the website and to download the free app on their smartphones.

AOL confirmed that the phone line will be closed but did not say when. The company said that its Moviefone brand is getting overhauled, along with the help of the media company BermanBraun.

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