PC vs. Mac war: Surface goes after MacBook

First look at Microsoft's new Surface
First look at Microsoft's new Surface

Microsoft is poking fun at Apple again, this time, taking on MacBook users.

Three Microsoft commercials, which are meant to evoke Apple's famous Mac vs. PC spots from a decade ago, compare Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 tablet to the MacBook.

In each of the ads, the MacBook owner is amazed at how the Surface is as powerful, fast and capable as the Mac, while having tablet-like features, including a touchscreen.

This isn't the first time Microsoft (MSFT) tried to give Apple (AAPL) a taste of its own medicine.

Earlier this year, Microsoft launched a similar commercial poking fun at Siri. The ad showed a person asking Microsoft's "personal assistant" app Cortana to do tasks like set location-based reminders. Siri quipped, "Now, that is a smart phone."

After Windows 8 launched in 2012, Microsoft showed side-by-side comparisons of the iPad and a Windows 8 tablet. After seeing all the things the Windows tablet could do that the iPad couldn't, an exasperated Siri wondered, "Should we just play Chopsticks?"

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When Windows 7 debuted in 2009, Microsoft ran commercials of people proudly saying, "I'm a PC."

Still, even if Microsoft is winning the clever commercial battle, its products haven't made a dent in the MacBook, iPad and iPhone sales.

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