Highway with the top speed limit is ...

As America gets ready to head out on the highway next weekend for Labor Day, it might be a good thing to remember those speed limits.

If you're in Texas, for instance, you can legally drive as high as 85 miles per hour on a limited stretch of a toll highway between San Antonio and Austin. That stretch of Texas State Highway 130 holds the distinction of holding the highest speed limit in the nation, according to Cars.com.

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In recent years, some toll roads are offering higher speed limits.

"New toll roadways try to attract people by bumping-up the speed limit," said Kara Macek of the Governors Highway Safety Association, an advocacy group that promotes driving safety. "If you pay more to use the highway, you can drive faster on it."

Elsewhere in Texas you can drive 80 miles per hour, which is also the maximum speed limit in three other states as well: Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Following close behind are a dozen states, including Maine, Nevada and Oklahoma, where top speeds of 75 miles per hour are allowed.

With speed limits of 55 miles per hour, Alaska and The District of Columbia are tied for slowest.

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