Monday is National Coffee Day. No kidding.

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Americans sure are fond of their coffee.

Isn't everyday national coffee day? Well, yes. But Monday is "National Coffee Day."

Of course it's a stunt, a marketing celebration of the juice on which America runs (if you believe one sales pitch).

But if you play it right, you can get a free — or cheap — cup of Joe.

Try something new: Dunkin Donuts wants you to know it has a new blend -- Dark Roast. It is serving up free medium cups on Monday.

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Set an out of office message: How long is a coffee break, anyway? Krispy Kreme (KKD) wants you to tell others that you're temporarily away from your email because you're sipping its free coffee.

"Did you know that the best way to be more productive at work is to take a break? It's true! I found it on the Internet," begins their suggested message.

The chain is offering a free 12oz regular coffee. For $1, you can get a mocha, latte or iced coffee.

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Not just one day: Who says there's enough free coffee to last only 24 hours? McDonald's (MCD) has been giving away free coffee for two weeks, an offer that ends after Monday.

The fast food chain has been pouring free small cups of coffee during its breakfast hours.

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Charlie and the coffee factory: The offer of a $1 cup of coffee is a decent deal, but Tim Hortons is also hiding golden envelopes with "more than $9,000 in cash and gift cards."

It set up a scavenger hunt and stashed the envelopes stuffed with $25 apiece in five cities: Columbus, Ohio; Buffalo and Rochester, New York; Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan. It said clues will be posted to its social media accounts on Monday.

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A free taste: Starbucks (SBUX) ‎is offering a free sample of its Anniversary Blend. But stop by early -- the sample is only available until noon.

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