Apple planning Oct. 16 iPad event - report

What it costs to make the iPad Air
What it costs to make the iPad Air

If the iPhone 6 Plus isn't big enough for Apple (AAPL) junkies craving new gear, they only have to hold on just a little bit longer.

Technology news site Re/code reported Friday that Apple will hold a new event Oct. 16 to highlight updates to the iPad line, as well as new iMacs and the latest OS X operating system.

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The site said the event will be more low-key compared to the huge affair Apple held for the iPhone 6, Apple Watch and ApplePay last month.

The iPad was once a sales dynamo, but lately it's been struggling. In it's most recent quarterly filing, Apple said iPad revenue had slipped 8% from a year before and the number of units it sold fell similarly. The device still makes up about 16% of the company's total sales.

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With an increasingly varied range of iPads and a new collaboration with IBM (IBM), the updates unveiled later this month might be enough to get the device jibing with the rest of the company's renewed mojo.

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