If 'The Simpsons' launched today: Marge might have a job, Mr. Burns would be richer

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According to Executive Producer Al Jean, the structure of the Simpsons would be a bit different if it premiered today.

"The Simpsons" are debuting a new streaming site on Tuesday in a much different world than the one they premiered in 25 years ago.

According to Executive Producer Al Jean (one of the show's original writers), if "The Simpsons" premiered today it would be a bit different. Here's three ways how:

1. Homer might not be the only Simpson with a job: Even though Homer works at the Springfield power plant, he may not have a nuclear family in 2014.

"The model of the Simpsons where the dad works and the mom raises the kids, that's becoming fast outdated," Jean said.

Jean's point shows just how far culture has come considering it wasn't long ago that "The Simpsons" made the family dynamic of The Waltons look nostalgic.

This was a point made famous by President George H.W. Bush who said in 1992 that America needed more families like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons (a line that the series perfectly responded to).

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2. Kent Brockman might have less viewers: "The Simpsons" local TV news anchor Kent Brockman would most likely not be the source of the town's information.

"It's funny, the pompous local anchor still exists, but they have a lot less authority now," Jean said. "With the internet being I think everyone's primary source of news, it's hard to remember the world where television was where you got all your information."

This doesn't mean that Brockman would be a better reporter, however.

"He's never been a good anchor," Jean laughed.

3. Mr. Burns gets even richer: However, as the series celebrates its 25th anniversary some things never change.

This is especially true for the series' evil businessman, Mr. Burns, whose net worth would only go up if the show came out now.

"With Mr. Burns, the only difference seems to be that the rich are richer," Jean said.


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