Apple finally lets iPhone defectors get texts again

The iPhone evolved
The iPhone evolved

Apple has been holding some former iPhone users' text messages hostage. But it now has a solution to free them up.

Converts from the iPhone to other devices, like Androids, have said that days or even weeks after switching, their text inbox seemed suspiciously empty.

That was because even though their phone number was switched to the new phone, text messages were still being sucked into Apple's iMessage system.

Now, people who give up their iPhone can enter their phone number into Apple's website and will receive a text message with a confirmation code.

The code will cancel the iMessage service and free up your texts to go to your new phone.

iMessage routes texts through Apple's systems so that Apple (AAPL) users can message with each other for free.

Apple said months ago it was working on a fix for the issue.

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