Looking for the new Charlie Hebdo in America? Good luck

Inside Charlie Hebdo's new issue
Inside Charlie Hebdo's new issue

Charlie Hebdo's latest issue was released Wednesday to tremendous fanfare and potentially millions of readers.

But good luck getting your hands on a copy in the United States.

Last week's deadly shooting introduced Charlie Hebdo to scores of people around the world who were previously unfamiliar with the French satirical magazine.

As a result, its typical print circulation of 60,000 copies may jump to as many as 3 million for the new issue, which has a cartoon depiction of the Prophet Mohammed on the cover.

The American audience may have to wait, however.

A page on Amazon offers a one-year subscription, a total of 52 issues, for $181.39. The expected delivery time is anywhere from four to six weeks.

And Kindle readers are out of luck: The Amazon (AMZN) page doesn't offer a digital subscription.

It was also unclear Tuesday how much of the new issue, which will stay on sale for eight weeks, will appear on Charlie Hebdo's website. The site has been converted into a fundraising vehicle since the massacre.

Bookseller Barnes & Noble does not carry Charlie Hebdo and has "no plans to do so," according to spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating.

Laura Samuels, a spokeswoman for the Hudson Group, told CNNMoney that she didn't know if her company's hundreds of newsstands and book stores will sell the issue.

Hudson operates over 700 outlets in airports and transportation hubs in the U.S. and Canada.

Samuels said the company has never purchased Charlie Hebdo before and is still figuring out which distribution channels to go through to sell the magazine. She stressed the company is not fearful of selling Charlie Hebdo.

"We're making inquiries," Samuels said. "I can't say that we will and I can't say that we won't."

CNNMoney also called several newsstands in New York City, but employees all said the magazine will not be on their shelves.

Two major stores on the East Coast -- Strand in New York City and Kramerbooks in Washington, D.C. -- also will not sell the magazine.

The best hope, at least for New Yorkers, might be Albertine, a French bookstore that opened in Manhattan last year.

Francois Schmit, the store's manager, told CNNMoney that he might have some issues to sell by the weekend. But he wasn't sure.

"It's very difficult to have more information," he said.

The issue's cover, which features a tearful Mohammed under the headline "All is Forgiven," has been widely displayed in the U.S. On Wednesday, the Newseum in Washington displayed the cover alongside other front pages in an exhibit outside the building.


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