NFL (officially) comes to YouTube

Why the NFL rules TV
Why the NFL rules TV

The NFL has finally come to YouTube. Well, at least officially.

On Monday the NFL announced a new partnership with YouTube that will bring official content to the popular streaming video site.

This includes the launch of the NFL YouTube channel, which will feature clips, news, analysis, and even fantasy football advice.

The new agreement will also make highlights easier to find via Google (GOOG), YouTube's parent company.

For example, a search for "New England Patriots" on Google returns scores and schedules along with highlights in a distinct box at the top of the search page on both desktop and mobile devices.

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Unfortunately for NFL fans, this doesn't mean that the league will start live streaming actual games on YouTube. However, the league did say it would include "in-game" highlights from Super Bowl XLIX.

"We continue to see an insatiable appetite for digital video content," Hans Schroeder, the NFL's Senior Vice President of Media Strategy said in a statement. "This partnership further expands fans' ability to discover and access NFL content throughout the year."

The NFL is one of TV's most reliable and massive hits. With a lot of TV content shifting to digital platforms, it only makes sense to give the league's highlights a prominent presence online.

The partnership comes less than a week ahead of Super Bowl XLIX, slated for February 1 in Glendale, Arizona, airing on NBC.


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