Comcast calls customer 'Super B----' on bill

Comcast delivers another bill with an expletive
Comcast delivers another bill with an expletive

Mary Bauer just wanted to watch the Hallmark channel.

Instead the 63 year-old from Illinois got a bill in the mail addressed to Super B---- Bauer.

That's after months of battling with Comcast (CCV) to get her cable service fixed so she could watch her favorite channel.

"I said, wait, I need to get my glasses on because I don't believe what I'm seeing," Bauer told CNNMoney. "And there it was: Super B---- Bauer. So I've had it with Comcast."

Bauer had been having trouble with her cable service since last April and she had called Comcast customer service "hundreds of times." In fact, technicians came to her home on about 39 occasions and it was eventually fixed.

On top of this, Bauer said she didn't receive her bill in November. When it arrived, she found that her rate had jumped by $50. She called to complain and was told that her two-year contract (which included the Hallmark channel) had expired and the channel was now part of a more expensive package.

So, she agreed to pay the higher rate. When Bauer finally got the bill Wednesday, it was addressed to Super B---- Bauer.

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This is not a first for Comcast. Last month, the company sent a bill to Ricardo Brown addressed to A--hole Brown after he canceled his cable service.

Bauer said she told a friend who works for a local television station about the offensive name on her bill. The friend passed the tip on and the station immediately contacted Bauer about the story.

However, it turns out that that station is owned by Comcast and the story was killed.

mary bauer

Bauer (pictured above) got in touch with another local station. The story was set to air at 9 pm, she said. Just a minute or so before the broadcast, Bauer said she got a call from an apologetic Comcast manager.

The company also sent a statement to CNNMoney: "We are continuing to investigate this thoroughly, and have reached out to our customer to apologize and try to make it right."

But that hasn't changed Bauer's views on the company.

"Comcast is just the most disingenuous company on the entire planet," she said. "I've been totally frustrated with them for a very long time."

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Comcast has among the worst customer service rankings in the nation, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, topping only Time Warner Cable (TWC), a rival it is in the process of purchasing.

In September, a Comcast executive wrote on a company blog that it will take years before it can "honestly say that a great customer experience is something we're known for."

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