Disney raises theme park ticket prices, again

Disney ticket prices hit new high
Disney ticket prices hit new high

You've got to pay more to play in the Magic Kingdom, because Walt Disney just raised its ticket prices again, breaking the $100 mark.

A one-day ticket to the Walt Disney World Resort's flagship theme park, the Magic Kingdom, now costs $105, up from $99. Prices had been jacked up by $4 just last year.

The price of admission applies to anyone 10 years and older entering the Orlando-area theme park. Younger children, aged 3 to 9, pay $99 to enter the Magic Kingdom, compared to $94 last year.

Prices also increased for the other Disney World theme parks -- EPCOT, the Animal Kingdom Park and Hollywood Studios -- to $97 for visitors aged 10 and older, compared to $94 last year. Children aged 3 to 10 now pay $91 for a single-day ticket to those parks, compared to $88 last year.

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The price hikes seem to be working for parent company Walt Disney World Resorts, which reported a 7% increase in revenue year-over-year, largely from its parks.

disney magic kingdom
Ticket prices to Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom rose again, breaking the $105 mark.

"Increased guest spending was primarily due to higher average ticket prices for admissions at our theme parks," Walt Disney Company (DIS) said in a financial report.

A Disney spokeswoman said the "vast majority" of visitors buy the multi-day passes, which can knock the price down to $96 per day for a two-day ticket, or $63 per day for a five-day ticket.

She also said that a ticket for a single day at Walt Disney World buys 16 hours of entertainment.

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