Elizabeth Warren brings a new fight for the middle class

Elizabeth Warren in 85 seconds
Elizabeth Warren in 85 seconds

Senator Elizabeth Warren is at it again, pushing yet another effort to help America's middle class.

Warren and a colleague announced they're launching the Middle Class Prosperity Project, which her office says will look at "how the nation's economic system has been rigged against the middle class over the past several decades."

"It's time to change that system. We must free our government from the grip of armies of lobbyists and the corruption of corporate influence," she and Congressman Elijah Cummings wrote in an op-ed published by USA Today.

The effort includes a series of Capitol Hill hearings, the first of which is Tuesday.

It comes as Warren and her pro-consumer efforts are again in focus. She has been urged by left-leaning groups to launch a presidential campaign and on Monday stood alongside President Obama as he spoke on additional protections for retirement investments.

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