Bloomberg admits 'bad call' to photoshop Hillary Clinton

bloomberg hillary clinton
Several Twitter users noted the photoshopped image of Hillary Clinton almost immediately.

Bloomberg Politics acknowledged that it made a "bad call" with a photoshopped image of Hillary Clinton that was shared on the outlet's Twitter account.

The doctored image combined two different photos of Clinton, taking her head from one shot and placing it atop her body from another.

It was tweeted out on Tuesday to promote a Bloomberg Politics special report on Clinton's news conference about her use of private emails during her time as secretary of state.

It didn't take long for several eagle-eyed Twitter users to spot the discrepancy. The alteration was not all that flattering to Clinton, leading some to suggest a nefarious intent on the part of Bloomberg Politics.

Bloomberg quickly admitted it combined two photos and that it was wrong.

"Bad call on the Hillary promo graphic," the tweet said. "Should have taken the time to find the right original image. We take full responsibility."

The decision to clumsily photoshop Clinton confounded many since the former secretary of state is one of the most photographed women in the world.

A Bloomberg spokesperson said only that the photo was made in a rush "to fit the parameters of the graphic."


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