You can now trade in your Android for an iPhone at Apple Stores

Galaxy S6 & iPhone 6: Twinsies!
Galaxy S6 & iPhone 6: Twinsies!

Are you tired of your Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone? Do you have iPhone envy? Then Apple has a deal for you!

You can now trade in your non-iPhone smartphone at an Apple (AAPL) Store for a credit toward a new iPhone. Previously, Apple only accepted iPhones as trade-ins.

Only "select" phones are available for the deal, and you can only get a credit for if you show up at an Apple Store. Online, you can still only swap old iPhones for a credit.

At an Apple Store, you can use your Android, BlackBerry (BBRY) or Windows Phone to get a credit for an iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. (If you want an Apple Watch, you're out of luck -- you'll have to pay full price.)

It's not clear how much Apple will be offering for the smartphones. Apple Store employees will determine how much your phone is worth.

Regardless, don't expect to collect as much for your old non-Apple smartphone as you would get for an old iPhone: There is significantly higher demand for recycled iPhones, so Apple's smartphones hold onto their value much longer than non-iPhones.

And trader beware: Though the Apple Store might be a convenient way to make the switch, Apple likely won't offer the best deal.

Apple pays $85 for a two-year old, unlocked 16 GB iPhone 5. But you can get up to $130 for the same phone on Gazelle, Amazon or another of other companies that recycle phones.

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