Rand Paul sounds like Frank Underwood on jobs

Rand Paul launches 2016 presidential bid
Rand Paul launches 2016 presidential bid

Rand Paul and Frank Underwood would be best buds.

Senator Paul announced his presidential bid Tuesday, and for a moment, his jobs promise echoed Underwood's jobs proposal on the fictional show House of Cards.

On Tuesday, Paul said: "I have a vision for America where everyone who wants to work will have a job."

Stop the tape. Didn't Underwood, the president on House of Cards, say something really similar in season 3?

Yup: "If you want a job, you get one," Underwood said while giving a televised address about his jobs plan "America Works."

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Of course, politicians make big campaign promises on the economy during every election. Paul isn't the first to guarantee jobs.

But hey, the parallels don't stop there. Underwood needs $500 billion to justify his fictitious jobs program. His solution: cut welfare and entitlements.

Paul will probably need money for his sweet-sounding jobs plan too. And we already know he wants to significantly cut down government spending on programs like medicaid and food stamps. Paul also wants to reduce payments on entitlement programs like social security and medicare.

"As I watch our once great economy collapse under mounting spending and debt, I wonder what kind of America will our children see?" Paul posed to his supporters Tuesday.

Although Underwood eventually runs for president in the show, he does tell candidates that cutting entitlements is a political no-no.

"We can't maintain the welfare state as we know it. Now, that's not a popular thing to say. Anyone running for office wouldn't dare utter those words," Underwood warned.

But would Underwood audit the Fed? We'll have to wait till season 4 to find out.

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