Rand Paul launches attack website on Hillary Clinton

Rand Paul: 'Equal opportunity' when clashing with reporters
Rand Paul: 'Equal opportunity' when clashing with reporters

Just hours before Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for president, Rand Paul launched LibertyNotHillary.com, a site dedicated to his opposition of Clinton's politics.

The top of the site has a photo of Paul with his quote: "Hillary Clinton's attacks on liberty and the constitution make her unfit to serve as President of the United States."

Paul tweeted a link to the site Sunday morning, and his campaign issued a press release that he will launch the first advertisement against Clinton.

A YouTube video autoplays with an attack ad: "Hillary Clinton represents the worst of the Washington machine. The arrogance of power, corruption and coverup, conflicts of interest and failed leadership with tragic consequences."

The site also has a few dozen shareable images with the text, "Liberty Not Hillary," including Twitter (TWTR) and Facebook (FB) cover photos and profile images.

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LibertyNotHIllary.com, which redirects to a special page on randpaul.com, was registered to Harris Media LLC. The company is a political PR firm that has done work for prominent Republican candidates.

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