Manny Pacquiao's name defeats most boxing 'experts'

How do you pronounce 'Pacquiao?'
How do you pronounce 'Pacquiao?'

You've been hearing about it non-stop since it was announced -- the "Fight of the Century" -- Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao.

Forget what you've heard.

Chances are you've been saying Manny Pacquiao's name wrong along with the rest of the sporting world, unless you are Filipino.

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As someone with an unusual name, I'm used to hearing both my first and last name pronounced incorrectly.

But as a Filipino American, hearing Pacquiao's name pronounced incorrectly countless times has reached a breaking point for me.

So for the record, here's a pro-tip to take along for all those fight parties this weekend: here is how to say it: PUCK-key-ow. The last two syllables kind of slide together quickly.

puck key ow

Not PACK-ow, not PACK-ee-ow or any other of the butchered versions of his name.

The first syllable is "puck," not "pack." Which brings into question his "Pac Man" nickname, but some things can't be changed.

So PUCK-key-ow please. Your Filipino friends will thank you.

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