Bidding for lunch with Warren Buffett tops $1 million

Warren Buffett on today's American Dream
Warren Buffett on today's American Dream

Act fast. This offer probably won't last long.

Lunch with famed investor Warren Buffett was going for over $1 million on eBay as of Monday night.

Buffett has done a "power lunch" auction for years to raise money for charity. All the proceeds go to the GLIDE Foundation in San Francisco, a non-profit that has aided low-income families for nearly a century.

The auction began on Sunday and will close Friday at 10:30pm ET.

Last year, the winner paid $2.2 million for lunch with Buffett. But even that looks like a bargain compared to the record bid of $3.5 million in 2012.

Guy Spier, managing partner of Aquamarine Capital in Switzerland, was one of the lucky lunch auction winners. In 2007, he and a friend paid $650,100 for the privilege of dining with the Oracle of Omaha.

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A long-time Buffett fan, Spier told CNNMoney that he bought shares in Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) in 1999 and that Buffett ordered a Cherry Coke and medium-rare steak at lunch, which took place at Smith and Wollensky steakhouse in Manhattan.

Spier reports that they didn't talk much about stocks over their steaks. His greatest takeways from meeting Buffett were more personal than financial.

"[Buffett] was living life to be happy every day," says Spier. "He talked about an inner versus an outer scorecard."

About a year after his lunch, Spier and his family left New York to seek a more balanced life in Zurich, Switzerland. Spier now runs a $200 million investment fund and penned a book last year, "The Education of a Value Investor."

"Buffett has a lot to teach us about investing, but he has so much more to teach us about life," Spier says.

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