Tumblr launches new GIF search engine

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When emotions deserve more than words, but not a FaceTime call, there are GIFs.

These animated wonders of the web can convey everything from Sunday morning bliss, to the tedium of the hour-long conference call to prep for the next conference call.

Tumblr understands these needs. The Yahoo (YAHOF)-owned blog network released a new GIF search engine and publishing tool Thursday to help.

Now when you create a new post, and want to add a GIF, click on the "+" button. A search browser will pop up, allowing you to look for and share that perfect animated illustration.

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Best of all, if you're the first person to create or to share a certain GIF on Tumblr, the site will notify you when other people use that GIF.

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Before the new features were released, you had to find GIFs elsewhere -- on Giphy, Imgur, or other places on Tumblr -- and copy and paste them into a post.

Last week, Facebook (FB) made it easier for people to share GIFs online too, so now... GIF lovers can all celebrate.

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