Hillary Clinton champions minimum wage hike

America: Land of shrinking opportunity
America: Land of shrinking opportunity

Hillary Clinton promised Sunday to fight for higher pay for low-wage workers.

Speaking by telephone, Clinton told the more than 1,300 fast food workers gathered at a convention in Detroit that every worker deserves a fair wage and the right to unionize.

"I want to be your champion. I want to fight with you every day," said Clinton, who kicked off her presidential campaign in April saying she wants to be the champion for "everyday Americans."

The call was another step to the left for Clinton, as she vies for the Democratic nod with progressive candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley. She told the assembled crowd that they should continue building the Fight for 15 movement, which is pressing employers to raise workers' pay.

"No one who works an honest job in America should have to live in poverty," she said. "No man or woman who works hard to feed America's families should have to be on food stamps to feed your own families."

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Clinton's support for the movement also comes at a time when a growing number of states and cities are raising their minimum wage. Los Angeles is among the latest locales to boost minimum pay to $15 an hour.

Just how high a wage hike Clinton supports, however, remains a mystery. The candidate has not provided a figure yet. Her campaign did not return a request for comment Sunday night.

O'Malley and Sanders have said they support a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

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Will Hillary Clinton support a $15 minimum wage?

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