Say My Name: 'Breaking Bad' has a blue brand of vodka

blue ice vodka heisenberg
Heisenberg of "Breaking Bad' has his own brand of vodka in blue bottles, just like his infamous crystal meth.

"Breaking Bad" fans can toast their crystal meth anti-hero with a vodka bottle bearing his name: Heisenberg.

The bottle is blue, of course. Just like Heisenberg's signature blue-tinted meth.

Blue Ice Vodka, an Idaho distillery owned by 21st Century Spirits of Los Angeles, has teamed up with Sony Pictures Television for a limited edition of Heisenberg vodka.

The label depicts a silhouette of Heisenberg in his fedora hat and glasses. Each bottle has different catch phrases uttered by the meth cook wizard, usually as a prelude to murder. "The One Who Knocks." "Tread Lightly." "Say My Name."

"Breaking Bad" was an AMC show about a disgruntled chemistry genius in New Mexico, played by Bryan Cranston, who built a Machiavellian cartel based on crystal meth. He adopted the nom de guerre Heisenberg after the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, a pioneer of quantum mechanics.

"The Dude had his white Russians, the Blues Brothers had their Night Train, and now Heisenberg has his very own Blue Ice Vodka," said Vince Gilligan, executive producer and creator of "Breaking Bad."

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The Dude, played by Jeff Bridges in "The Big Lebowski," slugged back an endless succession of white Russians throughout the movie. In "The Blues Brothers," John Belushi's hungover character Jake referred to Night Train as a "mean wine."

But the characters of "Breaking Bad" did not drink vodka. They preferred beer, tequila and scotch.

The main character, Walter White, built a brand for his crystal meth, which not only had a distinctive blue tint, but a reputation for purity unmatched by his rivals.

The product was distinctive enough to get noticed by hardcore fans when it made a crossover appearance in another AMC show, "The Walking Dead." In an episode called "Bloodletting," an ex-con survivor of the zombie apocalypse has a Ziploc containing drugs, including what appears to be blue meth.

The Heisenberg vodka retails online for $27 a bottle and is scheduled to appear in stores this summer.

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