You can now play your Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One

What the Xbox One costs Microsoft
What the Xbox One costs Microsoft

It's a conundrum gamers have been living with for ages: What do you do with your old games when you buy a new console?

You could sell them, or you could hang onto your old video game console and switch between the two systems.

Microsoft (MSFT) announced Monday that it has a more elegant solution: More than 100 Xbox 360 games will work on the Xbox One by the holiday season, and hundreds more will be available after that.

If you purchased digital copies of Xbox 360 games, they'll show up automatically on your Xbox One. If you have the disc, you'll be able to play those games on your Xbox One too, as long as you keep the disc in throughout your game.

Since the old Xbox 360 games will be running on the newer Xbox One, gamers will be able to take advantage of all the new Xbox One features, including taking screenshots and video snippets of their games.

Microsoft made 22 Xbox 360 games available immediately for members of the Xbox One preview program, an invitation-only group that can test out new features before they're released to a wider audience.

The games available now are mostly simple titles, including Banjo-Kazooie, Mass Effect, Perfect Dark and Toy Soldiers. Microsoft hasn't yet announced which games will be available down the road -- the company said it is waiting for game developers to approve the titles that will be backwards-compatible.

The Xbox 360 also featured a tool that allowed customers to play games from the original Xbox. There were eventually 500 Xbox games that could be played on the Xbox 360.

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