'Jurassic World' ends Pixar's box office streak despite big haul by 'Inside Out'

Why 'Inside Out' will give Pixar mixed feelings
Why 'Inside Out' will give Pixar mixed feelings

For the first time since 1995, a Pixar film wasn't the top-grossing movie at the U.S. box office on its opening weekend.

"Inside Out" pulled in an estimated $91 million, but even that strong debut came up short of "Jurassic World."

Universal's thriller about dinosaurs run amok earned an estimated $102 million for its second weekend in theaters. A week earlier, "Jurassic World" rewrote the box office record books.

So far "Jurassic World" has made $981.3 million around the world, which means it could cross the $1 billion mark on Monday. That would be just 13 days after it was released.

The record for best second weekend is $103.1 million by "The Avengers" in 2012. The final box office numbers, set for release Monday, could push "Jurassic World" over that mark as well.

As for "Inside Out," the animated Pixar film still had much to be joyful about. The weekend box office performance marks the second biggest U.S. opening for Pixar behind "Toy Story 3," which made $110.3 million in its 2010 debut and went on to haul more than a $1 billion worldwide.

Overall, films by Pixar, which is owned by Disney (DIS), have brought in roughly $8.5 billion worldwide since 1995.


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