Drone-delivered abortion pills planned for Saturday

abortion drone
Women's rights groups in Europe plan to use a drone to deliver abortion pills into Poland.

A group of activists in Europe are planning to fly a drone into Poland to deliver abortion pills.

The flight will begin in an eastern German town near the Polish border on Saturday. Its final destination will be announced Friday night.

Organizers of the planned delivery, which is a collaboration of a number of different women's rights groups, say in a statement they want to demonstrate the differences between reproductive health policies in Poland and other European countries.

They say abortion has been severely restricted in Poland and difficult to obtain.

According to the United Nations, the Polish government allows women to get an abortion if the mother's life is in danger, there is potential damage to the fetus, and in the cases of rape or incest. Procedures cannot be performed on request or for economic or social reasons, which is the case in Germany.

The activists also say they are flying in the medical abortion pills, referred to as RU 486, because the drug is not allowed in Poland.

Women on Waves and its partners say the drone carrying the package will weigh less than 11 pounds and stay within the pilot's line of sight. The group also says the drone will not fly in any controlled airspace.

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