Gmail now has an 'undo send' button

5 stunning stats about Google
5 stunning stats about Google

Repentant emailers everywhere: Gmail just enabled an "undo send" button.

Remember that time you wrote something disastrously personal to a friend, but accidentally hit "reply all" and looped in everyone else? There's a way to reverse the damage you've done.

Gmail, the world's most popular email platform, now gives users the option to set time delay between 5 and 30 seconds before sending an email. You'll have that much time to hit "undo send" and save yourself heartache.

You can enable "undo send" by clicking on the gear wheel icon at the top right of the Gmail display hub, then "Settings."

Google (GOOGL) announced this on Monday. It immediately started updating accounts, but it could take two weeks for this to roll out to everyone.

This option was previously available as an experimental feature in Gmail Labs, but few people know about such things. (You can find Labs and lots of neat features in the "Settings" page.)

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