Comcast, EA games partner for streaming video experience on your TV

ea x1
Soon Comcast Xfinity customers won't need a gaming console to play video games.

Soon Comcast (CMCSA) customers will be able to play video games without a console.

The cable conglomerate announced on Tuesday "Xfinity Games" -- the company's latest feature for its X1 set-top box platform. It will allow customers to stream certain Electronic Arts (EA) titles directly to their TV in HD.

This is done without any downloads, extra equipment, or gaming consoles required, according to the company.

The gaming service, which is in its beta test phase, allows X1 users to sign up via their Comcast system and be delivered EA titles like "NBA Jam," and its popular FIFA soccer franchise, among others.

Consumers will be able to pair their smart phones and tablets to the system in order to turn the devices into controllers for the games.

However, the company does point out that games will be streamed via the Internet to the X1 box just like any other internet traffic, so that means that it will fall under standard internet data plans. Comcast is the country's biggest broadband provider.

"Xfinity Games" is another example of the company's attempts to create new TV experiences thanks to its X1 technology.

For example, in the recent months the company has launched a wide-ranging talking guide for its cable TV system and gave its users the ability to live stream directly to their TV.

Comcast also announced on Monday the beta version of its new TV steaming package, "Stream," that provides live TV from certain channels and networks for $15 a month.


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