Google Maps gets night mode for iOS

google maps
Google's map app is now easier for drivers to use at night.

Anyone who's used Google Maps in the dark knows how tough it can be on the eyes.

Google (GOOG) Maps has always had a blinding white interface that made it hard for drivers to adjust from looking at the screen to looking at the road. Turning away from the bright light into a pitch black distance could cause temporary vision loss.

Now the tech giant finally introduced a fix for that problem: Night mode.

Google just rolled out the update for iOS users, although Android phones have had the setting for years now.

Google Maps has always been stronger than Apple (AAPL) Maps when it comes to mapping and public transport directions -- but Apple actually had night mode for its maps app well before Google.

Google has monopolized the navigation market for a while, but Apple has tried to catch up, finally adding transit directions and a "Nearby" feature which flags businesses and landmarks.

Not to be outdone, Google upped its information game. Now it tells users when a local business is most crowded for a business so they can avoid the busiest times.

The newest version of Google will let users label places so they show up on their maps as well as in their search suggestions.

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