How'd you get to work this morning? You probably drove by yourself

single driver
More than 3 out of 4 U.S. workers drive to work with no one else in the car.

Commuting is a lonely experience for most U.S. workers.

More than three out of four Americans got to work today by driving in a car -- alone. About 9% participated in a car pool, according to 2013 figures published by the Census Bureau.

The number of people who drive themselves to work remains little changed from the record peak first reported in 2010.

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The smallest proportion of people commuting by private car was in the New York-New, Jersey metropolitan area. Just under 60% of workers there drive or take car pools, while nearly 20% took the subway or train.

Commute to work on a one-wheeled scooter
Commute to work on a one-wheeled scooter

Ithaca, N.Y., had the highest percentage of commuters who walk to work, at 18%, while Corvallis, Ore, has the greatest share of people biking to the office at 9%. More About 11% of people work from home in Boulder, Colo., the largest share in the country.

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