Watch animals destroy drones

Eagle knocks drone out of sky
Eagle knocks drone out of sky

There's a reason wild animals live where they do -- they don't want to be disturbed.

So when you fly a drone near them to get that awesome closeup shot, don't be surprised if they ram, smack, punch, paw, bite, or sting your flying camera.

Be prepared too for them to come after you.

Here are some of the most amazing standoffs between mother nature and our newest tech craze.

1) An alligator in Florida tried its best to jump and chomp.

2) A grazing ram not only head-butts a drone, but it also stalked and attacked the drone's operator.

3) A South African cheetah easily caught up to a drone and tried to grab it from the air quite elegantly.

4) Kangaroos were hopping mad when they saw one drone.

5) A black bear (at the one minute mark) was more timid, and was more playful than aggressive. (It turns out that bears get very stressed out from drones, researchers recently found.)

6) In Massachusetts, a hawk was avid about protecting its territory and handily sent a drone sputtering to a soccer field.

7) Earlier this summer a magnificent wedge-tailed eagle in Australia effortlessly destroyed a drone in mid-air.

Eagle knocks drone out of sky
Eagle knocks drone out of sky

8) Last year, a group of researchers sent a drone to be chased and destroyed by an eagle (on purpose).

9) Even little guys like bees get annoyed by the buzzing presence of drones too.

10) And when animals can't reach the weird flying machines directly, they get creative like one chimp -- which used a stick to swat a drone down.

Chimpanzee takes down a drone
Chimpanzee takes down a drone

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