Airbnb: 1,000 companies sign up for business travel

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Airbnb's dedicated site for business travelers has experienced a boom in demand in the last month.

Airbnb is popular with tech-savvy tourists, but now executives are clamoring to sign up for its new business travel services.

The company, which helps individuals rent out their homes to travelers via an online website, has been expanding its services for traveling execs.

Five hundred firms signed up for its new business travel service within 24 hours of the July launch. Now, a month later, over 1,000 companies have signed on, including Google (GOOGL) and some Fortune 1000 companies, Airbnb said Friday.

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Airbnb's new online tools allow corporate travel departments to view employee itineraries and financial data. It also has a streamlined billing process.

The new website -- called "Airbnb for Business" -- also helps traveling businesspeople filter out unsuitable options by directing them to view apartments with Wi-Fi and other key amenities.

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