NYPD to Disney and Marvel: Get Minnie Mouse and Spider Man out of Times Square

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The NYPD want to evict Spiderman from Times Square, but Marvel isn't helping.

New York's police chief is asking Disney and Marvel to crack down on the costumed hustlers of Times Square, but the companies aren't responding.

Times Square is populated by a variety of rogue characters plying tourists for money. Some of these characters, like Minnie Mouse and Spider Man, are trademarks of Disney (DIS) or Marvel (which is owned by Disney.)

The NYPD confirmed to CNNMoney that Commissioner Bill Bratton asked Disney and Marvel to sue for copyright infringement. But according to the NYPD, the companies aren't biting.

But Disney spokeswoman Zenia Mucha said her company's been trying a different approach, though without success.

"We have been for years working with previous and current administrations as well as the city council trying to get legislation passed that would require registration and identification of these costumed characters," she said.

Times Square has a long history of sordid behavior up until the 1990s, when it was overrun by peep shows, prostitutes and street corner crack dealers. But former Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg swept away much of the crime and turned it into a pedestrian haven for tourists and corporations like Toys R Us and Olive Garden.

More recently, Times Square has become the haunt of costumed characters and topless women who get their pictures taken with tourists for tips.

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But thing started to go sour in 2013, when Cookie Monster got arrested for allegedly knocking over a toddler when his mother supposedly refused to pay.

There's been a series of incidents and arrests since then, including accusations of groping by another Coookie Monster, and also Woody from "Toy Story"

Spider Man was arrested in 2014 for allegedly demanding tips in an aggressive manner. Earlier this year, a Youtube video went viral of another Spider Man locked in a brawl with a heckler right in front of Toys R Us.

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