Hottest NFL ticket is for final game of Tom Brady's suspension

Tom Brady slams NFL: 'I did nothing wrong'
Tom Brady slams NFL: 'I did nothing wrong'

Whether or not Tom Brady is with his New England Patriots in Dallas on Oct. 11, tickets to that game are poised to be the hottest of the upcoming NFL season.

Ticket resale site StubHub says that game is by far the most searched game on the Web site.

TiqIQ, which tracks online ticket prices, says the average ticket price listed for the Oct. 11 Patriots-Cowboys game is currently $541.

If Brady's current four-game suspension due to his role in the "deflategate" scandal during last year's playoffs is upheld in court, that will be the final game of his suspension.

The interest in even a Brady-less game is because of a combination of factors. Cowboy games are the top selling ticket for any NFL team on StubHub, while New England fans are the third most likely to buy tickets to follow their team on the road, behind only the fans of the Green Bay Packers and the Cowboys.

And it's possible that New England fans are confident that Brady will be under center that game, no matter what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says.

Brady is waiting to hear if a federal court judge either reduces or eliminates his suspension. And if he doesn't get the suspension thrown out in court, he could appeal to a higher court and ask for an injunction on the suspension while he appeals Goodell's ruling.

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The following week when Brady and the Pats are schedule to play the Indianapolis Colts on the road is by far the most searched Colt ticket of the season.

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Most fans aren't buying the tickets yet. StubHub says about 42% of its sales are completed the week before the game, with 28% of the sales in the final 72 hours.

The current $541 asking price for the Patriots-Cowboys game is far from the highest figure for an NFL game. In fact is is the seventh highest ticket listing price at this point in the season.

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