Bob Woodward explains why he joined Twitter

bob woodward twitter

Bob Woodward, the legendary journalist who helped uncover Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal, finally gave in and joined Twitter this week.

On Thursday, Woodward launched @realBobWoodward. His first tweet: A 2010 Washington Post promo video in which the late editor Ben Bradlee advises him to download the Post's iPad app. "It's the future," Bradlee tells Woodward. "Bob, don't sleep on this one."

It would take a younger generation of advocates -- and his desire to promote a forthcoming book -- to get Woodward on Twitter.

"Evelyn Duffy, 30, my assistant and other younger friends convinced me," Woodward told CNN in an email. "I have a new book coming out and that affected the timing."

Now that he has it, Woodward said, it's growing on him.

"For an old timer, I in fact am warming up to the fast pace and connection to the moment. And the moment is more and more dominating the conversation --political and otherwise," he wrote. "It is also a nice way to listen."

Woodward's forthcoming book, "The Last of the President's Men," tells the story of Alexander Butterfield, the Nixon aide "who disclosed the secret White House taping system that changed history and led to Nixon's resignation." It comes out in October.


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