John Oliver to Colbert: 'I couldn't give less of a s***' about Trump

Colbert and Fallon compete for presidential punchlines
Colbert and Fallon compete for presidential punchlines

Two of the most popular "Daily Show" alums, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, met on Wednesday's "Late Show" to talk about the upcoming 2016 election, and of course, Donald Trump.

"I couldn't give less of a s***," Oliver responded to Colbert's question about the poll leading Republican candidate. "It's the 2016 election, and it's 2015 right now. So I don't care until we're in the same year as the thing I'm supposed to care about."

Oliver, who is the anchor of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," also has a hard time caring considering that he can't vote because he's not an American citizen.

"Taxation without representation!" the British Oliver yelled at Colbert. "You got all pissy about it when we did it. Where's my vote? I'll throw your coffee into the river."

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The host said that because "Last Week Tonight" is on only half an hour a week, he can choose to ignore the election and focus on other issues people aren't paying as much attention to.

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An example of this was Oliver's nearly 18 minute segment about migrants and refugees on Sunday's show.

The two also spoke about the transitions taking place at the show where they got their starts, "The Daily Show."

"Do you miss Jon Stewart as much as I do?" Colbert asked.

"Yes, I miss him hugely," Oliver said. "I love that man."

The two then went on to say new host Trevor Noah did great when he took over "The Daily Show" from Stewart on Monday.

"He's taking on the impossible," Oliver said. "You can't replace the irreplaceable."

Colbert, who took over "The Late Show" from late night legend David Letterman, smiled and quipped, "I wouldn't know what that's like."


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