Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin reaches divorce settlement

Ken Griffin divorce
Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin has reached a divorce settlement with his ex-wife, Anne Dias Griffin.

Hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin has reached a divorce settlement with his ex-wife.

A spokeswoman for Cook County Circuit Court confirmed that Griffin, founder and CEO of Citadel in Chicago, settled the case on Tuesday, dissolving his marriage with Anne Dias Griffin.

The couple entered into talks earlier this week, avoiding a public trial that was scheduled to begin Monday.

Griffin manages a $24 billion hedge fund empire, and filed for divorce in July 2014. The two have been married 11 years and have joint custody of their three children.

"Irreconcilable differences and difficulties have caused the irretrievable breakdown" of the marriage, according to a court document, noting that they have lived apart for at least six months.

The court has not revealed the details of the settlement. Mrs. Griffin had sought $1 million in monthly expenses, including $300,000 for the use of a private jet, $160,000 for hotels and $2,000 in stationary costs.

Griffin made $950 million in 2013, making him the fifth highest paid hedge fund manager, according to Institutional Investor's Alpha. He made $3.9 billion between 2009 and 2013, according to Alpha.

Anne Dias Griffin has argued the pre-nup should be thrown out because she was coerced into signing it. Ken Griffin's lawyers have argued the agreement should stand.

The court would not release financial details of their divorce agreement. Lawyers for both sides were not immediately available for comment.

--Matt Egan of CNNMoney contributed reporting to this story.

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