Elon Musk says, 'Yo, I don't hate Apple'

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk tried to clear the air with Apple on Friday night -- sort of.

There's some concern Apple is poaching engineers at his company, Tesla (TSLA), to build an Apple car. Musk recently bashed Apple as a "Tesla graveyard," saying that it's merely hiring the engineers his company has fired.

Then on Friday, Musk sent out a small peace offering on Twitter.

"Yo, I don't hate Apple," he tweeted, "It's a great company with a lot of talented people. I love their products and I'm glad they're doing an EV."

But here's the thing. EV stands for "electric vehicle."

Apple (AAPL) hasn't confirmed the numerous rumors that it's working on a high-tech car. There's a mountain of clues, though: It's been hiring auto executives, poaching auto battery engineers, and driving a test vehicle around California.

Musk followed up that tweet with a nod at the team that created the Apple Watch.

"Regarding the watch, Jony & his team created a beautiful design, but the functionality isn't compelling yet. By version 3, it will be."

At least there weren't any spoilers in that one.

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