Poof! Google Photos lets you hide pictures of your ex

Google's new phones, tablet in :90
Google's new phones, tablet in :90

Google Photos will now allow users make people disappear.

Not actual people of course. But photos of people that users don't want to see will no longer pop up on the popular Photos app.

Think of it as a digital way of stashing all the photos in a box under your bed of the guy or gal who just broke with you.

Google Photos uses facial recognition software to make it easier to search for photos of people users want to find. It also has a "rediscover the day" feature that brings up photos you took on a specific date in the past.

But those photos might include pictures of people users would rather forget. The new feature allows the users to essentially block those photos from showing up without actually deleting the photos from their collection.

Google says the feature is available on the latest update for Google Photos on Android devices, and it will be available soon for the Web and IOS versions of the service.

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