Details Magazine to stop publication

details november issue
Details is shutting down after its December/January issue.

Details Magazine will end publication next month as the magazine's owner, Conde Nast, realigns some of its properties.

Details -- which focuses on men's health, grooming, and entertainment -- had a circulation of 560,212 readers. It will cease publication following its December 2015/January 2016 issue, an internal memo said on Wednesday.

Conde Nast also owns GQ and said it would begin publishing GQ Style four times a year.

The memo from Condé Nast President Bob Sauerberg emphasized the group's online presence and said would continue to operate and transition to in the coming months.

Details' editor-in-chief Dan Peres and publisher Dew Schutte will be leaving Condé Nast.

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Sauerberg's memo also said that the sales and marketing teams of Glamour and Self would merge. Both magazines cover women's health issues while Glamour also writes about style and beauty.

"Our audience results speak for themselves and prove to me that we are well positioned for future growth and vitality," Sauerberg said in the memo. "I'm looking forward to working with all of you toward making that a reality.

The announced shut down of Details comes a day after another men's magazine, FHM, announced it was suspending publication.

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Earlier this year, Playboy Magazine said that it was planning to eliminate nudes photos from its magazine.

Playboy, which has a circulation of around 800,000, chose to end its nude photography due to the growing presence of online pornography.

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