3 socks you gotta own

The unwritten rules of sock fashion
The unwritten rules of sock fashion

You may have nice shoes, but do you ever think about the kinds of socks you're wearing?

Every gentleman should, says Vincent Nasserbakht, co-owner of The Sock Hop, a men's specialty store in New York City.

"A sock will show how much a man has put into his wardrobe -- if he's just using it as an afterthought or if he's really tying his outfit together," says Nasserbakht. "If you're wearing really nice shoes, you should be wearing really nice socks."

So forget the 5 pack of black socks -- or worse yet, going sock-less, says Nasserbakht.

Every man should have 3 types of socks in his wardrobe, he says.

First is the basic sock.

"It can be a pretty black or a navy but it should also follow some rules," says Nasserbakht. "You shouldn't show your leg between your pant and your socks, so it should provide enough coverage."

gentlemans guide basic socks

Wear these at important meetings and conservative workplaces, Nasserbakht advises.

Second is the colorful sock.

These socks let you show off your personality and are great for work parties. Just make sure the color fits with the rest of what your wearing.

gentlemans guide colorful socks

You can "wear really bright and colorful socks without clashing," Nasserbakht says. But "if you try to make the sock a statement piece on top of an already statement outfit, you're causing yourself some trouble."

Finally, there's the "crazy" patterned sock, says Nasserbakht.

These are best for tech company employees and weekend wear. "Don't wear this sock to court, a funeral, or anywhere you're going to embarrass somebody," he says.

gentlemans guide crazy socks

In the right setting, they're great conversation starters, says Nasserbakht.

"You'll always find somebody else who also loves socks," he says.

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