Jimmy Fallon shows up in another bandage due to numb fingers

jimmy fallon bandage
Jimmy Fallon was in a bandage again on Monday night, but not due to a new injury.

Jimmy Fallon's hand was in another bandage Monday night, but this time it was not due to a new injury.

"I should say if you're watching, this is not a repeat," Fallon said on Monday's "Tonight Show" pointing to his bandaged hand. "This is a planned surgery. I didn't fall or anything."

Fallon explained that after he nearly lost a finger in June, he still doesn't have feeling in his ring finger and pinky on his left hand.

This led to medical tests that showed Fallon has Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, which was blocking the nerves to his fingers.

Fallon explained that the condition stemmed from a bit at the 2009 Emmy Awards where Fallon had a planned fall on stage which caused him to chip his elbow.

"Because that happened it kind of hindered the nerves coming back," he said. "This is what happens when you're 41 years old."

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The latest procedure was intended to clear the blockage in order to give Fallon feeling back in his fingers.

"We'll see what happens in six months or whatever it takes for the nerves to come back, but [the bandage] will be here for another week," Fallon said. "So just put up with me in bandages for one more week and then I won't do it again, I promise."

Since June, Fallon has fallen multiple times which have caused him to nearly lose his ring finger, chip a tooth, and slice his hand.

Fallon seemed hopeful on Monday that he would be able to get back to full health and be playing the guitar soon enough.

"I'm going to be back, don't count me out," he said. "I'll be playing guitar in a year."


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